What you look at and what you see are not always the same thing

I love art. I have 9 pieces of original art in my home (and interestingly, some of the artists are subscribers to this blog) and it’s interesting that different people will look at some of the abstract art and see completely different things. It’s easy to say “well it’s art, people will always interpret art differently” but if you think about it, people see different things differently.

When we realize that different people will see different situations differently, it makes it that much more important to understand that we need to do a better job communicating using different methods to make sure people get the message we want them to get.

As an example, an educational institution might introduce a new curriculum and assume prospective students will see this as an upgrade on something already successful. However, students might see it as a desperate move to try to save a dying program.

Another example would be that ESPN.com changed their design a few months ago. I’m sure they saw it as an upgrade but to me, it made the site less aesthetically pleasing, more difficult to navigate and I now to go SI.com for my online sports information

It’s important to realize that what you see and what someone else might see, when looking at the same thing, might be very different. If you want to make sure they see the same thing as you, make sure to not only show them, but also describe it, demonstrate it and then you MIGHT increase the likelihood of them seeing what you are seeing.

Assuming everyone sees things the same way you do will result in you missing a lot of opportunities. Realize different people see things differently and sometimes, it might be worth seeing things through someone else’s eyes as well

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