Visualization Part 1

So much can be accomplished through visualization that trying to address it all in a post would accomplish virtually nothing. I’m going to do a few different posts over the next few weeks on visualization and still will only touch the very tip

As has been discussed previously, I consider goal setting to be extremely important (see and

Once you have set your goals and created your sub goals and the steps to achieve these goals, it’s important to “keep an eye on the prize” and see yourself having accomplished the goal in the future.

If you are mountain climbing and you keep looking up at the huge mountain, you might start to get discouraged and start to wonder if you will ever make it to the top. Taking a couple of moments to stop and close your eyes (probably a good idea to make sure you are at a safe point to do this before closing your eyes on a mountain) and picture yourself on the top of the mountain will be all that is needed to keep you motivated.

If your team is playing in a tournament and you start to have doubts about your ability to win, taking a moment to close your eyes and see yourself holding the trophy while people are cheering will frequently be all you need to keep yourself going in the right direction.

If you are about to go on stage to give a speech or performance and are getting nervous, picture yourself at the end of your performance receiving a standing ovation.

If you are running a marathon, picturing yourself crossing the finish line might be all you need to get the adrenaline flowing and help you to finish the race.

Simply taking a few moments to close your eyes, picture yourself accomplishing your goal and experiencing the success before it happens will help you accomplish whatever goals you have set for yourself.

In most cases, if you can visualize it, you can do it

Have a great day!


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