How high is your bar set?

In our society, people tend to set the bar (goals) very low and then do just enough to reach the bar.. By procrastinating and doing the absolute minimum required until the very last minute, they get to work hard at the very end, give the appearance of doing a job well done and can feel good about themselves. Sadly, their peers and superiors fall for this crap and everyone is happy.

An alternative is to set the bar high, work hard and smart from the start and accomplish something of significance. The problem with setting the bar high and working toward it is others will sometimes feel you are trying to “show them up”. Others will see you working hard at the end and see others who set their bar much lower but then procrastinated and not notice any difference at all because at the end both were working hard. However, the people who really matter (you and others who understand results), will know the difference.

The real problem in setting the bar high is that when you reach it (and you most likely will), it gets set even higher next time. For some, that is a negative (why should I be “punished” for accomplishing something previously?) for winners, it’s just another challenge they will step up to and conquer.

Where is your bar set?

Have a great day!


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