Four Rules (plus the missing fifth rule)

A coach I know has four rules for his college team. They are as follows

1.Be on time
2.No whining
3.Do what you should, when you should, not just what you have to
4.Do things that will make your self, team, coach, family and friends proud

Managers tend to make a lot of rules based on something that just happened. Someone will miss a deadline so they make a rule about missed deadlines (even though missed deadlines are addressed in rule 1, 3 and 4).

If someone does a bad job on a project, the manager makes a new rule (even though it’s addressed in rule 4 above).

Basically, people make rules to try to cover individual incidents when the reality is, the general rules above already address most situations.

The problem with the rules above is, they don’t work if they aren’t applied to everyone.

The coach who uses these rules is late for most things, constantly complaining, does the absolute minimum required and generally breaks all four rules on a regular basis. I’m not sure if he thinks he is above the rules or that he doesn’t see that he breaks them regularly. The problem is, the team sees this and it causes a tremendous loss of credibility.

If you expect everyone else to obey the rules, it’s important that the leader do so as well.

The four rules above are wonderful for most teams but make sure you add the fifth rule which is “obey the rules above”

Have a great day!


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