Do you belong to a mastermind group?

A mastermind group is a small group of like minded individuals who meet regularly to brainstorm and/or motivate each other to do greater things.

Too many people surround themselves with people in their organization who will agree with what they are suggesting (yes men) or who are afraid to say anything that might seem controversial (the emperor has no clothes)

Rather than surrounding yourself with people who will only agree with you, or with people who are afraid to speak their minds, you need to be willing to hear and tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.

If you are a business person who specializes in HR issues, you might join a mastermind group with people who specialize in marketing, finance, IT etc. This way, you could share your expertise to help other while others would share their expertise to help you.

The concern many people have with this concept is that someone will take what they learn from you and use it against you in some way. However, if it’s a small group and everyone understands each others concerns and agrees to a non disclosure, this shouldn’t be a concern.

The other issue people have with this is they are afraid to admit they don’t know everything. Sitting with their peers and saying “I don’t know” is scary to some while others realize it makes them stronger.

A mastermind group can meet in person, over the phone or via many other methods online. They usually require a strong leader to keep things going in the right direction and while they cost you time and sometimes money, a strong mastermind group can be invaluable

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