Are you earning your pay today?

A question you should ask yourself at the end of every day is “did I earn my pay today?”

This question doesn’t involve whether you feel you are fairly compensated, or whether you like who you work for or anything like that.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an employee, a consultant, an independent contractor or anything else, anyone is paid for their time is able to ask this question.

If you make $7 an hour for 8 hours a day, the agreement you have with the person paying you is for you to work hard, work smart for those hours. Some people feel they are worth more than they are getting paid so they feel all they need is to put in the time and effort they feel $7 deserves. The thing they don’t realize is that isn’t the agreement they made. They are being paid for doing their job right, not for what they feel they should do.

If you are being paid for 8 hours of work and show up a few minutes late, leave a few minutes early and waste time throughout the day on sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc, you aren’t earning your money.

If you are an attorney billing at $350 an hour and are having an assistant do most of the work while you do other things yet still bill at $350 an hour, the client isn’t getting their moneys worth.

If you are a salaried employee this still applies. The questions of are you providing your part of the agreement is just as applicable.

Every day, ask yourself, are you earning your pay. If people are honest with themselves, too many will come to the conclusion, they aren’t.

Have a great day!


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