What are you willing to do?

There are many organizations downsizing, companies are cutting back, small businesses are struggling.

I hear a lot of people talk about the negatives but at some point, people need to step up and instead of dwelling on negatives, be willing to do what is needed to succeed.

The question that needs to be asked is “what is beneath you?”

If you have been working in a white collar professional position, are you willing to do blue collar work?

Even if you think babysitting is a job for a teenager, are you willing to do it to pay the bills?

If you have been working for yourself, are you willing to get a job working for someone else in order to keep your house?

The real question is, at what point are you able to get beyond what you believe you are entitled to and do what is needed to survive?

No matter how bad you think things might be, there are opportunities for people to work or opportunities for people to survive however, it just comes down to what are you willing to do (I’m not suggesting anything illegal or immoral)

Sometimes the willingness to check your ego at the door will allow you to accomplish great things

Have a great day!


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