Technology is wonderful, sometimes

It’s amazing what can be done these days with technology.

I have been traveling a lot recently and while on the road, clients can still call me on my regular phone (it forwards to my cell), email me and I receive it right away (and can reply right away), text me, or even instant message me. Worse case scenario, I can turn my laptop on and with the use of an aircard, have full internet access as well.

This gives me the freedom to not be at my desk all the time yet still be available when needed.

On the other hand, this also means that people can call, email, text or IM me any time, day or night.

Today’s technology is wonderful in that it gives us a lot more freedom however, it’s important to keep in mind, that if we aren’t careful, it also can take our freedom away from us.

It’s nice to be accessible when needed but it’s also nice to be unavailable at other times. Keep in mind, it’s your choice.

Technology is wonderful, just not all the time!

Have a great day!


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