Small Things Can Make a Big Difference

Sometimes, we get so caught up on looking at the big picture that we forget how some small things can make a big difference in the big picture

Thnk about water flowing into a bath tub. Because of complex plumbing that starts at your tub and goes through your house, then outside and finally connects to the city sewage system, things run smoothly. If you find your tub is overflowing, you could have the city check all of their pipes but the first thing you would want to do is check the opening to the drain. Something as small as a few pieces of hair, or some dirt can prevent a multi million dollar system from working properly. The entire infrastructure can work properly but still thousands of dollars worth of damage can be done because of what might appear to be a minor issue.

In your organization, do you have any small things that are causing huge losses? This could be a problem with a procedure, a program or a person. If we don’t regularly evaluate and look for these problems, something quite small can create huge problems.

Remember, while it’s nice to look big picture, taking care of the small things can make a big difference as well

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