Great Opportunities Are Available

I received an email from a friend with an interesting quote regarding the economy. They copied from someones Twitter posting and that most likely was copied from somewhere else so I’m not sure who said it originally but the quote was:

“WINNERS in every recession are those with CASH and COURAGE: cash to buy up real bargains and courage to make fast decisions.”

All I seem to hear are negatives regarding today’s economy. People losing jobs (which is both unfortunate and true), businesses going under (which is both unfortunate and true), houses being foreclosed upon etc.

However, for those with a little bit of money and a lot of courage, this can be a great time to be in business. Prices are down, opportunities are up and with cash and courage great things can happen.

A simple example is the local restaurant who realized they were doing more business in their lounge area than in the dining area. Rather than complaining about it, they did some minor renovations, expanded the seating in their lounge area and have increased business. It took a little bit of cash to do the renovations, a lot of courage to make changes when most others are maintaining the status quo and good things happen.

The opportunities are out there for those with a bit of cash and courage. It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and say “I think I’m going to wait this out” but the winners are the ones who are being proactive.

Have a great day!


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