Give and ye shall receive

How much are you willing to give without any expectations of receiving? As an example of this question, the blog you are currently reading is read by over 500 people each day on the web site, more read via email or RSS feed or Twitter. To date, there is no advertising, nothing has been offered for sale and the only time I have mentioned other services is when I’m recommending something that provides no financial incentive for me. So why do I do it?

To date, I have received over 15 clients from this blog. Some were people who found me online through the blog, liked what they read and decided to contact me about some service I offer.

Some have been clients in the past, but by keeping my name in front of them (usually via the daily emails) when it was time to consider needing more work, they came back to me.

Some have been debating working with me for a number of months and the more they read from me, the more it helped them make a decision.

If I were like many people with blogs, I would have written a few posts, got discouraged and stopped. Instead, I keep writing (and enjoy doing so) and have benefitted in many ways.

Another example is a book I’m going to be announcing soon (yes I will announce it on this blog as my first form of “advertising” but it’s a book that I have written, and which teaches the principles that I try to base my life on so it’s not a typical advertisement). I have a few copies of this book already and dropped one off for a current client to read. I did this simply because I thought he would like the book and find it of interest. The next day he called and said he wanted to order 6 additional copies for his management staff. Would I be willing to give one book to receive an order for six more? Every hour of every day. However, if I had given him this book with the hope he would order more, I don’t believe it would have worked.

It’s been my experience that the more I give the more I end up receiving provided my reason for giving isn’t with the hope of benefiting.

Many people talk about this concept but how many people are actually doing it?

Have a great day!


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