Do you like Cheesecake?

If you go to a restaurant and order cheesecake and like it a lot, you might go back there a second or even a third time. However, chances are, you wont go there over and over and over again for the same cheesecake.

On the other hand, if the restaurant has 40 different types of cheesecake and you like the first type, you might be inclined to try others (or all 40).

Giving people the option of trying different variations open up many options. While many might think providing various options is done in case a person doesn’t like one of them, the reality is, it’s also with the idea that if they like one, they will come back for more.

Not everyone can give multiple options but if at all possible, look in the possibility.

While man does not live on cheesecake alone, it sure is nice to have the options!

Have a great day!


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