Shut up and listen

A little over 20 years ago, I lost my voice for almost 5 months. At first, it was quite a traumatic experience, however, in a relatively short time, it became a great learning opportunity.

Since I didn’t know how to sign, and my handwriting was (and is) deplorable I didn’t worry about responding to people and instead, I simply listened.

I had read about how many people don’t listen and instead are thinking about what they want to say next, however, I hadn’t realized how much I was doing this until I could no longer respond.

All of a sudden, I was listening and truly hearing what others were saying. I learned so much more and started to regret everything I had missed previously because I hadn’t really listened.

Unfortunately, I sometimes forget this valuable lesson and have to be reminded but when I find myself not paying attention or not really understanding, I simply remind myself to shut up and listen.

It’s a great lesson for all, give it a try sometime and see how much you learn

Have a great day!


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