It takes energy to generate energy!

In order to heat your house, you need to start with an energy source. It might be electricity (and even there, the electricity probably comes from coal) or it might be gas or it could be from the fireplace. Regardless of how you choose to heat your house, it starts with an energy source.

To drive a car, your engine creates energy but it requires an energy source to operate it. It will need gas or electricity or some other source of energy, in order to get the engine to run.

Basically, anything that needs energy to operate also needs an energy source behind it.

The same is true with people. If you want your team or organization to be excited and energized, you must be excited and energized. They will draw from your energy. If you are down and dejected, they will be as well. If you are upbeat and excited, so will they be.

If you want your organization to be excited, it should start with you!

Have a great day!


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