If they had only been honest

Recently I was staying in a hotel for a few days. I checked in and a few hours later went down to the front desk to mention that the heater in the room didn’t seem to be working properly. According to the thermostat, it was 61 degrees in the room. I made sure the heater was on, raised the temperature setting etc and still it was cold.

When I mentioned this to the person at the front desk, they said they would send someone up to take a look. I went out for a few hours and came back to a room that was still cold. I went back downstairs, mentioned this again and they told me that the boiler hadn’t been working properly but it was now but would take a few hours to really start working properly.

The next morning, it was still cold. As I was leaving for a bit, I went back to the front desk and mentioned it again. They said they would send someone up to take a look.

That evening, when I returned, it was still cold. At this point, I was getting frustrated (and cold) and went downstairs yet again. This time they told me that the two rooms on the east end of each floor weren’t heating properly, they had known this for a few days and were hoping to get this fixed but weren’t sure when. I asked if I could switch rooms and they said they were at 100% occupancy and had no rooms I could switch into. They offered me a complimentary breakfast and while I wasn’t mad, I did explain that this breakfast doesn’t fix the issue of a cold room. Next they offered a complimentary room to be used anytime I wanted in the next 6 months.

If they had told me from the beginning what was wrong, I could have found an alternative, accepted the issue or done something. However, telling me “we will look at it” or “it has been fixed, just give it some time” when they knew that wasn’t the case, changes everything.

My guess is, in their minds, if they had told me the truth when I checked in, I would have gone somewhere else and never returned. The truth is, I might have gone somewhere else but most likely would have returned on my next visit because of their honesty.

Now, the next time I come to this city, I will most likely use the complimentary room night, then move to another hotel because I would rather not pay an establishment any more money when they haven’t been upfront with me,

In other words, while they were worried about losing me short term, the reality is, they have lost me long term. My guess is, I’m not the only one.

Be upfront with issues you are experiencing and people will be much more willing to give you another chance

Have a great day!


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