Do you upsell?

I wanted to purchase a book from the other day and they had the book available (for 2/3 the price of a local bookstore). When I went to checkout, I realized if I ordered one more book, I would get free shipping.

It simply made sense for me to buy another book in order to save on shipping.

Do you give an incentive to people to spend more money with you? Knowing how much it costs to “acquire” another customer, doesn’t it make sense to make it easier for your current customers to spend more money with you?

If you are involved with a membership based organization, would it make sense to offer a discount for groups to join as opposed to one price for all? It might lower your per member price but increase your overall revenue. As long as the discounted price still covers expenses plus some, doesn’t it make sense to offer a group discount?

If you have a product, do you give your customers incentives to buy more?

Some groups go overboard on the upsell but if you can do it in a way so that the customer benefits and so do you, isn’t it worth trying?

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