Do you make it easy for people to buy?

There is a small wine shop here in Charleston WV in Capitol Market ( and they do something very simple and very logical to make it easier for their customers to buy from them.

When you purchase wine at The Wine Shop, they give you the option of having your purchase recorded in their database under your name. The reason this is such a great idea is if you purchase some wine there, and like it, you can go back and have them look up exactly what you purchased so you can buy again. Also, if you don’t like something, you can make sure not to buy that again. This is one advantage to their database.

A second advantage to the database is if you are looking to purchase wine for someone else, it can help make sure you purchase something they will like.

Recently, a family came over for dinner and they brought a bottle of wine. They picked it out by checking the database and choosing something I had purchased recently.

This made me think about how rare it is for businesses to make it easy to buy from them. When a person calls a hotel, are they able to look to see whether this person has stayed with them before? If they have stayed before, would it make sense to look to see what type of a room they were in and offer something similar (or maybe even an upgrade). If, the last time they stayed, they asked for a cot, would it make sense to offer a suite as an alternative.

When I order books from, they make it easy to place the order. Once I login, they have my shipping address and billing information. With one or two clicks, I can place my order and be done (and shortly afterwards, I receive the confirmation and shipping information).

Is there a way to make buying easier from you?

Have a great day!


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