Do you know your product?

Recently, I have started collecting various types of West Virginia glass. Some of the best known (and my favorite) is from Blenko. Sadly, they recently announced they had shut down production. A week ago, I went to their visitor center to look at purchasing some glass and when I asked one of their employees what year a piece was made she looked at me with a look of disbelief and I realized she knew very little about what she was selling.

Contrast that to Chuck and Connie at The Purple Moon ( , which is where I have bought the WV Glass I do own. They frequently can tell you the time period a piece was made, the designer, how rare the piece is etc.

Would you rather buy from the person who doesn’t know their product or the person who does?

Most people would agree it’s more enjoyable buying from someone who knows what they are selling and can be honest and knowledgeable in what they have to say.

Keeping in mind that we all are selling something (whether it’s a product, service, ourselves etc) the question is, do you know enough about what you are selling to make the buyer feel comfortable buying?

If you are a realtor, it’s not enough to just know the basics about the house, but a buyer is most likely also going to want to know about the neighborhood, shopping opportunities, schools etc.

If you run a camp, it’s not enough to just know the price, dates and location. A potential camper is going to want to know about staff, curriculum etc.

If you are an attorney, it’s not enough to know the law, you also need to know how the law applies to potential clients.

Recently, I was at a Tea Room and asked the employee how many of the MANY products that they offered, he had tasted. He said “almost every one because I want to be able to answer any questions a person might have”. Do you make the effort to know your products like this person has done?

Knowing your product is something everyone should make the effort to do but sadly, not enough do.

Have a great day!


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