Competing to win

We all compete at some point in our lives. Some compete on an athletic field, some compete in the board room, some compete for affection, some compete just to compete but everyone competes at some time.

Typically, we have one of three types of competitions

Those we are expected to win
Those we might win or might lose
Those we are expected to lose

Most people don’t want to admit it but there are opponents that they are not expected to beat. Whether it’s the coach whose team is vastly outmatched or the attorney trying a case where the evidence is against his client. In many cases, these are the competitions many people spend a great deal of time preparing for. The thought is, if they can win this competition, they have really accomplished something significant.

The problem is, when these people are focusing so much of their attention on wining the unexpected, they lose focus on the ones they are expected to win.

Getting the occasional unexpected win is nice but the question is, whether it’s worth the unexpected losses?

While we do want to continue to work toward the unexpected wins, we must stay focused on the other two categories as well.

The top performers always (at least almost always) win the competitions they are expected to win, they win more than they lose the ones that are 50/50 and they win the occasional unexpected.

Keep your focus and good things will happen

Have a great day!


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