What is a hero?

Recently, I was having a discussion with Tony DeMeo (head football coach at the University of Charleston) and the conversation turned to heroes

Tony had a very interesting perspective on heroes. He explained how people think of a hero as someone like Superman because he would fly into a burning building to save people or would step in front of a bullet to save the innocent. As he pointed out, these acts weren’t really the act of a hero because he performed these acts knowing there wasn’t much risk to himself (I do believe Tony is aware that Superman was not a real person).

A real hero is someone like the fireman who goes into a burning building knowing he is doing so at significant risk to himself.

A real hero is someone like a policeman who performs his duty knowing at any point, he could be putting his life on the line.

A real hero is the person in the military who puts their life at risk every day to make things safer for others.

A real hero is the person who understands they are putting themselves at risk but is willing to do so to help someone else.

The person who scores the winning basket or makes the great save might be a great athlete but that has nothing to do with heroism.

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