We aren’t as smart as we think

I get a good number of emails after making each blog post. Some are questions, some are comments. One of the comments I get is “I know what you mean but I think others might read this the wrong way” or something similar to that. Inevitably, they go on to explain what they think I mean and more often than not, they are incorrect.

Without question, that leads me to reconsider my communication skills (or some would say my lack of communication skills) but it also leads me to wonder, why do people always think they are smart so they understand but others aren’t smart and wont understand?

When a person writes to say that they understand something but others might not, is that their way of saying they don’t understand but are embarrassed to admit it?

Why would someone think there is anything wrong with admitting to not knowing? I certainly respect a person a great deal more who doesn’t know something so asks to learn as opposed to the person who thinks they know something but really doesn’t.

Do people simply think they are smarter than they really are?

Have a great day!


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