Strategy can only take you so far

I’m a big fan of strategic planning and tactics of all types. I love being able to beat an opponent because of a better scheme.

Each week I play in a local table tennis league and frequently, I’m able to beat better opponents because of a better game plan. Whether it’s attacking their weakness or taking advantage of my strengths, a good game plan will let me win many matches I wouldn’t normally be able to win.

However, there are certain players I can’t beat with better tactics. Until I develop better fundamentals, they will always beat me because my tactics can’t overcome the foundation they have from their fundamentals.

This is a great lesson to carry over to business, coaching and life. Tactics, strategies, game plans can take you to a certain level but without strong fundamentals, we can’t make it to the top.

If you have strong fundamentals, combine that with tactics and the sky is the limit. If you only have strong tactics or only have strong fundamentals, you are limiting yourself

Have a great day!


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