Recruiting and Ranking

When looking at people in an organization you can usually break them down into A’s, B’s and C’s.

The people in the A group are the “stars”. They far exceed expectations and create positive results.

The people in the B group usually meet expectations and get the job done.

The people in the C group, don’t meet expectations and for lack of a better word, they fail.

When recruiting for an organization (this can be a business or a team or any organization) the key is to try to replace the C’s with A’s and B’s. That might seem like an obvious thing but so often I see organizations replace their C’s with other C’s. If you are going to do that, you might as well keep the original C’s (the theory being the known sometimes is better than the unknown).

Ideally, if you were to rank your “team” from 1-50, you would get rid of 45-50 and bring in new 1-5’s. This will challenge the previous 1-5’s to step up to the challenge.

The only thing better than replacing your C’s with A’s is to train your C’s to become A’s and B’s and then bring in even more A’s.

If you aren’t regularly ranking, evaluating, reviewing the people in your organization, you should!

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