Planning to Fail

There is a saying that those who fail to plan are planning to fail.

The question that comes to mind is, why are we assuming planning to fail is so bad? I agree that failing to plan is bad it’s a good idea to plan to fail a certain number of times a year. If you aren’t willing to fail, you wont be willing to take chances and that takes away the likelyhood of success

I have launched numerous web sites knowing some will fail and others will succeed. Admittedly, I don’t know which ones will fail and which will succeed but they are done with the thought built in that some will fail (these aren’t client sites, but rather experimental sites I do for myself). In fact, I’m not sure what would be worse, if they all failed or if they all succeeded (if they all succeeded, I’m not sure how they would be managed).

Failing to plan can be fatal to an organization. Planning to Fail can be vital.

Have a great day!


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