People aren’t always what they appear to be

It’s so easy to make assumptions about people based on the way they look or act.

Frequently, we see the very outgoing person (talks to everyone, seems to like being the center of attention etc) as someone who has a great deal of self confidence. The reality is, the very outgoing person might be the one lacking in self confidence and is using their persona to mask their insecurities.

The person who appears to be arrogant and standoffish might actually be so shy that what others perceive as them “thinking they are too good for the rest of us” might actually be them feeling they don’t fit in with the rest.

The tall athlete might seem to have everything going for them but in their opinion, they might feel they stand out even when they don’t want to and feel uncomfortable most of the time.

The business executive might seem to have a great life, with lot’s of money and opportunities but they might feel their whole life is based on pressure and would prefer to live a more relaxed lifestyle.

Spend some time to actually get to know people as opposed to making assumptions based on some simple stereotypes.

Have a great day!


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