Looking for ways to fail

Why do some people constantly look for ways to fail? Whenever they see an opportunity, instead of looking for ways to make it work, they look to find fault in the plan.

I consider this to be different than being an optimist or a pessimist. A pessimist might think something is going to fail (or to use the common example, the glass is half empty) while the optimist might think something is going to succeed (the glass is half full). However, what I’m talking about is a bit different. The person who looks for ways to fail would look at the glass and try to find a way to break it to make sure it ends up with no water at all. The person looking to make things succeed will look for ways to fill the glass up completely so there is plenty of water for everyone.

The person looking for ways to fail will try to anticipate ways people will try to succeed and create fault with those plans. The person looking to succeed will anticipate ways it might fail and look to overcome them.

Being optimistic isn’t good enough because optimists frequently don’t take into consideration the negatives so they aren’t prepared to overcome the negatives when they arise. The person looking for ways to succeed takes the negatives into account and prepares to overcome them.

People who look for ways to fail usually are successful (at failing). People who look for ways to succeed are usually success as well (at succeeding)

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