Customer Service Makes a Difference

Do you ever wonder where the full service gas stations have gone (the ones with fully staffed garages etc)? While there are still some around, many around the US have either gone out of business or have converted their garages into convenience stores.

If you have been to an Advanced Auto Parts store recently (or one of their many competitors) you might realize what has happened to the full service stations.

First you walk in and the stores are extremely clean. The employees are knowledgeable and helpful. Because they have a large selection of products, they don’t have to order what you need and instead, have them in stock. The inventory issue is something most small gas station/garages can’t do anything about.

However, even more impressive than the inventory is what they will do. If you are buying a car battery, not only will they sell you the battery but they will also install it for you and recycle your old battery. They consider this to be part of the sale so there isn’t an additional cost. Same thing with windshield wipers. Frequently, before selling you something, they will test it to make sure it’s what you really need.

Going this extra step is what is setting them apart from the smaller competitors.

Those who know me know that auto supply stores are not exactly of great interest to me but they set a great example of doing something extra for their customers.

What can you do extra that will make you different from your competitors?

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