Let me start with the statement that some companies do an excellent job training their employees. Unfortunately, most don’t.

The good/bad thing is most of the time, we don’t notice how the lack of training is affecting our businesses. The reason we don’t notice this is because, in most cases, a customer/client has a negative experience due to poor training and never says a word (verbally) about the negative experience. Of course, their actions speak loudly as they never return but sadly, most of us never notice.

There are many reasons for not providing proper training, ranging from not having the resources to not having the knowledge to provide the training but I believe the number one reason for not providing the proper training is because we make assumptions.

We assume the receptionist will know how to answer the phone properly and will know how to use the phone system.

We assume the wait staff will know how to set a table properly and will know the proper order to serve.

We assume the assistant is on the same page we are on and thus must have the same priorities as us.

We assume the manager knows the proper procedures so there would be no need to discuss procedures, strategies etc.

Basically, we do a great deal of assuming and very little training.

Many companies have training and procedure manuals but if they aren’t being used and reviewed regularly, they are just wasted paper.

If you don’t have a set training procedure for your organization, consider starting one NOW. You can start small and grow as you go but get started. It can be something as simple as writing the “script” for how to answer the telephone properly. Then take it one step further and create a short video of the proper telephone answering process. This doesn’t have to be professionally shot, rather it can be done using a cam corder (or even a cell phone). Then have all personnel who answer the phones read the script, watch the video and then demonstrate their knowledge. It’s a very simple process that can make huge differences in the success of your organization.

It’s also important to understand that training never ends. Procedures must be reviewed, updated and reinforced/retrained.

The time and expense of training will almost always be recouped many times over and the expense of not providing proper training can never be recouped

Stop assuming and start training and good things will happen

Have a great day


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