Potential is one of the most often misused words when looking at performance.

The word potential simply means having the possibility to achieve (at least that is the definition I’m using).

Given the choice between someone with potential and someone with no potential, of course I’m going to be interested in the person with potential. However, just because someone has the potential doesn’t mean they will ever achieve anything.

You can go to any big city in the US and there is at least one park that has basketball players who had the potential to be pros. They had the size, the speed, the skills but that doesn’t mean they ever did, or ever will realize their potential.

Too often, we give people with “potential” too many chances because we hope they will realize their potential while at the same time, we ignore the people who are regularly producing.

How many screw ups is the person with potential allowed before we realize that in most cases, potential without discipline and leadership is frequently never realized?

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