How much does not hiring an expert cost you?

If a pipe bursts at your house, you have the option of trying to fix it yourself or hiring an plumber to fix it for you. Some people might think it’s cheaper to do it yourself because you don’t have to pay the plumber for his time. However, they don’t take into consideration the extra damage that might occur if they do things incorrectly, the value of their time they are using to make the repair (how much could they make actually doing their job) and the value of knowing something is done the right way.

If your organization needs a web site, you have the option of doing it yourself or hiring someone who knows how to do it properly. With the various templates that are available online, and some relatively inexpensive software programs, anyone can make their own web site. However, there is a big difference between having a web site and having a web site that accomplishes what you want. If you create the web site and don’t understand SEO, it can be the difference between a site that generates a lot of business and one that looks pretty and accomplishes nothing.

A few years ago a doctor told me he spent 5 hours shopping for a computer and by spending those 5 hours, he was able to save $100. How much money could he have made working those 5 hours and paying a bit more for a computer?

People frequently think they can save money by not hiring an expert but the reality is, it frequently costs them more (in actual money or in opportunity cost) than if they hired a professional

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