Don’t assume you know what I want

Recently, I met with a salesperson who was trying to sell me on his firms services. He started by telling me everything they could do for me yet he never once asked what I actually might be interested in.

Unfortunately, for him, what he was trying to sell me on wasn’t of any interest to me at all. Might he have had something I would have been interested in? Possibly. However, he never bothered to find out as he assumed he knew what I would be interested so never took the time to ask.

I could have told him at the end what I was interested in, but by that time, I had lost all interest in anything he had to say.

If you are trying to sell something (and don’t kid yourself if you think you aren’t a salesperson, as EVERYONE is selling something), don’t assume you know what other people want, ask them.

Have a great day!


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