Do you have a support group?

When something goes wrong, do you have a person or group of people you can talk to?

When you have a tough decision to make, are there people you can discuss the decision with to get outside help?

Sometimes, we try to do everything on our own because we think talking to others or needing advice from others is a sign of weakness. The reality is, if you aren’t open to discussing issues with others, THAT is the real sign of weakness.

If you have a support group to discuss issues with, you might get some ideas that hadn’t occurred to you before. Other times, just hearing yourself explain the issues to others will make you think of different options or possibilities.

A friend of mine is part of a group that meets every Saturday morning at 7 AM. They gather at the same IHOP each week and it gives them the opportunity to discuss problems they have encountered and issues they need to deal with. Sometimes they have major issues to discuss and other times, nothing major is happening and they get to sit around and enjoy breakfast and each others company.

When things are bothering you, rather than internalizing everything and trying to deal with it yourself, discuss things with your support group and many times, what might seem like a major issue, can be resolved quite simply.

Have a great day!


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