Do you ask customers their opinion?

If you run a camp and want to decide things your camp can do better or things your camp can do differently, who do you ask?

It seems many people ask their employees or other people who run camps or they ask their friends or, they do the most common thing and don’t ask anyone and assume they know what is best.

Wouldn’t it make sense to ask the kids who are attending the camp? They are the ones who truly see how things are going and they are the ones who you want to come back.

If you run a business, the same questions apply. Do you talk to the employees to see how things are going or do you ask the customers?

Many organizations will use “surveys” to gather their customers opinions but, in my opinion, there is a MUCH better way to gather this information. Just a warning, this method costs very little money (and possibly nothing) but can cost you a bit of time and also a bit of ego. Rather than sending an anonymous survey, pick up the phone and call a couple of customers. You could have a secretary do this but it will be more helpful coming from a person higher up. Have a couple of questions planned but make them open ended. Rather than the typical survey questions that asks things on a scale of 1-5, simply ask what they liked, what they didn’t like and what can be done better. Remember, this is NOT the time to argue if you don’t like what they have to say.

If you run a camp, ask for the 5 things like they best and the 5 things they disliked the most. Allow them to elaborate and be willing to problem to get more information (for example, if one of the things they disliked the most was “food” find out if it was the quality, the quantity, the location etc.

If you are a realtor after you close on a property, do the same. Find out what the customer feels went right, what went wrong and what could have been better. The key here is NOT to always ask the people you know had a good experience. Be willing to contact someone who pulled their listing from you. This is the only way to get complete answers.

If you are involved in the running of conventions, if there is a some down time, talk to a person in the hallway. Ask if there was a way registration could have been better. Did the presenters meet their expectations? Then, a few days after the convention, call a few others.

You will get much more accurate and helpful information using this informal technique than you will from a formalized survey.

What is the best way to make your customers happy? Ask them!

Have a great day!


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