Why do some people expect to win and others expect to lose?

A week and a half ago, the NCAA Division 1 womens soccer championships were concluded. The finals were UNC vs Notre Dame. Notre Dame went into the match undefeated and had already beaten UNC once this year. Notre Dame scored 17 seconds into the match. Many teams, in UNC’s position, would have panicked. Instead, UNC kept to their game plan and went on to score two goals and win the championship.

Last year, Penn State played Stanford in the NCAA Division 1 womens volleyball finals. Penn State went up two games to zero and then Stanford came back to win the next two games. It looked like Stanford had all of the momentum and many teams, in Penn States situation, would have panicked and lost the last game. Instead, Penn State came back to win the fifth game and the championship.

Why do some organizations succeed when facing adversity and others fail?

Why does it seem some people look for ways to succeed while others look for ways to fail?

A very successful coach (who is a reader of this blog but who I didn’t ask for permission to quote him so will leave it at that) answered this with “because they are accustomed to winning – culture”

Have you created a winning culture around you? Even if you haven’t been ‘successful’ in the past, can you act the part? In football, some coaches discourage their players from celebrations in the end zone because they want the players to “act like they have been their before”.

There is a great quote “If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t, you’re right” by Henry Ford. The attitude and belief a person or group has, when under adversity will directly effect their success or failure.

Have you created a culture of success around you>

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