Right Place, Right Time

People mistakenly believe that what works one place will work other places as well. People will leave a job where they are extremely successful to go somewhere “better” only to find that for various reasons, they aren’t as successful.

A college soccer coach I know took over a program that was one of the worst in Division 1 and in a relatively short period of time, turned it into a strong program competing at a national level. When he was approached to determine his interest in a job at a more prestigious institution he decided to stay where he was because he considered that to be the right place FOR HIM. We talked about this some and he went on to explain that while he doesn’t consider himself to be the best coach, he does think he is the best coach for his particular institution. However, he felt that might not be true at another institution.

It’s a fine line because on the one hand, a person must be willing to stretch themselves and take chances but on the other hand, the perfect job for them, might be the one they currently have.

This is true for coaches, realtors, lawyers, business people and pretty much everyone. Don’t look for the perfect job, perfect spouse, perfect life. Rather, look for the one that is best for you.

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