If you are anonymous, you are irrelevant to me

One of the “great” things about the Internet is it allows people to communicate while remaining anonymous. People can post on forums or blogs using fictitious names, send emails that don’t reveal their identity or create entire web sites without saying who they are.

Over the course of a week, over 100,000 email newsletters go out with my name on it (most are soccer related from FineSoccer.com). Not only is my name in the domain (just as it is for LawrenceFine.com) but I sign every newsletter the same way and make it easy to contact me. A large majority of the emails I receive are positive or are questions but I do receive the occasional negative emails and I’m fine with that. However, if someone wants me to take their comments seriously, whether they are positive comments or negative ones, they need to identify themselves.

An email saying they disagree (or agree) with me that doesn’t have a name connected to it (for example from coach1234@email.com and signed ‘coach’) doesn’t carry much weight. How difficult is it to put your real name on an email? If you are too embarrassed to sign your name, you shouldn’t be sending the email in the first place.

A comment on a forum or blog that is signed ‘unhappy person’ doesn’t mean much to me at all.

If you don’t identify yourself you are losing a great deal of credibility in your work. In short, at least in my case, if you are anonymous you are irrelevant to me!

Have a great day!


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