Beware the silent assassin

People tend to be worry about the loud mouth. The person who seems to get all the attention is the person who does all the talking.

The thing to remember is when that one person is doing all the talking, there is usually someone in the background who you really need to concern yourself with. The reason this person is so dangerous is while the other person is telling everyone what he is going to do, the quiet person is planning and doing.

Bully’s tend to be the loud mouths and they are also the ones who back down when someone stands up to them. It’s the silent assassin who is truly the dangerous one.

Some of you might be wondering what this has to do with anything. Just keep in mind, the person who does the most talking is not usually the one who does the most work. The person who complains the loudest isn’t necessarily the person who need to worry about the most.

Pay some attention to the quiet ones, you will find you will get a lot more accomplised.

Have a great day!


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