We are lacking creativity!

One area we, as a society, are truly lacking in is creativity. This is true in the work environment, this is true in sports, this is true in life.

The first thought is we need to find a way to train people to be more creative. Teach them how to be creative. Encourage them to be more creative.

However, the reality is, we don’t need to teach creativity (and I’m not sure it’s something that really can be taught) but rather, we need to stop discouraging creativity.

If we want students to be more creative in their writing, we have to be willing to allow for mistakes in other areas. When a teacher assigns a creative writing assignment and then hands back the assignment with red marks all over it for spelling and grammar problems, that wont encourage more writing in the future (creative or otherwise).

If an athlete tries something creative and gets yelled at for not doing the simple thing instead, that discourages creativity.

If a marketing person tries something different (as opposed to what all the other marketing people is doing) and is told it looks too different, they will stick to the norm in the future and avoid doing something remarkable. I met with an attorney recently who said he was looking at a legal journal and there were 12 advertisements for law firms and 11 looked the same (similar template, similar wording etc). This tells me that these firms are so afraid to be seen as anything outside the establishment that they probably aren’t being seen at all.

The best way to encourage creativity is to stop discouraging it. Until we stop discouraging creativity, we will continue to be “just like everyone else”

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