Specialist or Generalist?

There are people who can speak about many subjects. They can carry on conversations about politics, religion, the weather, the economy and much more. Admittedly, they usually can’t go into great detail about any of these subjects but at a dinner party, they shine.

There are others who know a great deal about one or two subjects but are somewhat clueless about most other subjects.

Would you rather be a specialist (knowing a lot about one or two subjects and being clueless about the others) or would you rather be a generalist (know a bit about a lot of subjects but not a lot about any)? I realize there are options between these two extremes but if you would have to choose between the two, which would you prefer?

I would love to hear peoples opinions on this so if you get a chance, please email me at lawrence@lawrencefine.com with which you would choose and why


Have a great day.


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