Someone might be watching you

Too often people don’t realize that people might be watching or listening to them and this might have a long term effect.

I was at a business function a few weeks ago and there was a person working there who made the comment “I don’t really care about this event, I’m just doing this because I’m getting paid but I think it’s stupid”.

A week later it was mentioned to me that this same person was looking for some work. What he is looking to do is something I have a need for but the idea of hiring him was never a consideration. His side comment the week earlier let me to believe he has no pride in his work and if he is willing to say that in front of others, what else might he be willing to say or do?

It never occurred to this person that a person who saw (or in this case heard) him at that event might be able to help him in the future.

When I was coaching high school aged soccer players, I would remind them that if they were interested in playing college soccer, they have to play as if the coach of their dream school is watching them at all times. While that particular coach might not be watching them at all times, some other coach might be watching and coaches do talk.

One bad action seen by one person might get spread to others quicker than you could even imagine (and you don’t believe me, check out sometime)

Realize, someone might be watching at any time. Act responsibly

Have a great day!


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