Small Additional Effort can make a BIG Difference

People frequently get frustrated near the end of projects and end them before completion. Unfortunately, what they don’t realize is just a small amount of additional effort can make a HUGE difference.

Too often, people think it has taken so much time, energy, money etc and they can’t afford to do anymore so they stop before it’s done. However, stopping before it’s done might be the difference between great success and complete failure.

An example would be an author who is writing a mystery. They might be on page 199 of a 200 page book and think “well, it’s almost complete and I don’t want to spend more time on this so it should be good enough”. However, finishing that last page is the difference between a possible best seller and 199 sheets of worthless paper.

An attorney might have done a great job presenting their case but the additional few minutes spent on the closing article might make all the difference in the world.

A Realtor might be selling a million dollar home but the few dollars spend on staging the house might make the difference between it selling or sitting on the market for months longer.

The last steps of a process might sometimes seem to be a good place to look for short cuts but they often are the ones that separate good from great and sometimes success from failure

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