Do what you say

Would you buy a Ford from a car dealer who drives a Toyota? If he truly believed in Ford, he would drive one.

Would you be responsive to diet information from a fat person?

If you saw the manager of McDonald’s eating at Wendy’s would that encourage you to eat at McDonald’s?

It’s difficult to believe in something when it’s apparent the person selling it doesn’t believe in it either.

It’s not just about sales either. If you are a coach and preach discipline, then demonstrate discipline. If you are a business manager and you want your employees to give their all, then they must see you doing the same.

I know a soccer coach who has four basic rules for his team. They are actually four wonderful rules but there is one small problem. This coach breaks each of these four rules on a regular basis. How can he expect them to abide by the rules when he doesn’t?

I run a web design company called Web Breez and we create many web sites for clients (to see a small sample go to and one of the most frequently asked questions is “how can we get traffic to our web site”. There are a few different methods ranging from advertising, word of mouth etc but the one I always encourage is through adding content. This can be done through a blog or through other means but for long term traffic, content still is the most effective way I know. Does it work? If you are reading this article it’s because you are either on my blog or you went to my blog and subscribed to receive the information via email but either way, you are proof it works. If I encouraged others to generate traffic through content but didn’t do the same myself, I would have no credibility.

The adage “do what I say, not what I do” doesn’t work anymore. If you want people to do what you say, then do it yourself. Managers are in the background telling people what they should do. Leaders are out front doing it themselves.

Are you a leader? If so, make sure you are doing and not just saying

Have a great day!


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