Deal with it and move on

The economy sucks, people are behind on their bills, some people are unhappy with the election results from last week, people are sick, your boss is mean, the baby is crying, service isn’t what it used to be, the weather is getting cold and basically life isn’t fair.

We have two options. We can do what too many people choose to do and sit around and complain about how bad everything is and find ways to place blame on everyone (except ourselves) OR we can deal with it and move on.

Option one of complaining about everything and placing blame elsewhere doesn’t do anyone any good and in fact just makes matters worse (if you are behind on your bills, sitting around complaining about them doesn’t get them paid any faster and in fact results in them getting even further behind since you aren’t making money complaining)

Option two of dealing with the issues and moving on is much more effective. If you are behind on your bills, reduce your spending and/or increase your income. If this means having to get a second job, then do it. If it means not eating out, then do it.

We have become a society of complainers. Deal with things and move on and life will prove to be much better for all!

Have a great day!


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