Building a foundation

When I used to agree to coach a soccer team for the first time, I would do so knowing that in the beginning, the team would appear to get worse. They might lose more than they were accustomed to and appear to be confused on the field in situations that they weren’t confused in before. Inevitably, people would get a bit nervous because the expectation was I would help the team improve and that didn’t seem to be the direction they were going.

The thing people didn’t realize (and which I did understand which allowed me to keep what little sanity I have) is that it’s more important to fix the foundation than it was to worry about outward appearances.

The example I always gave was it’s as if I took over a shack. I could paint the shack, put new curtains up, do some landscaping and in a very short period of time, it would look a lot nicer. However, in the long run, I still just have a shack.

The alternative is to knock the shack down, build a strong foundation and build back up so that it’s stronger and more significant than it ever was before. Short term, you went from having a shack to having just a hole in the ground but long term, you have a sound, strong building. Frequently, if you are willing to make some sacrifices short term, the long term will be much better.

In today’s society, we frequently only think short term and as a result, we don’t have the foundation needed to be successful in the long run.

Are you willing to make the sacrifices short term, to build that strong foundation for the future?

Have a great day!


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