Mistaking regular for loyal

One of the mistakes people make is they assume that if someone is a regular customer, they must also be a loyal customer.

A regular customer might do business with with you on a regular basis but it might simply mean they haven’t found a better alternative. If a better alternative appears, this regular customer might never be seen again.

A loyal customer is one who isn’t looking for a better alternative and will stick with you through thick and thin,

A regular customer might use the same attorney for many years but if a new attorney comes to town and offers a better price, they will switch to the new attorney without giving a second thought. A loyal customer will realize the new attorney is available but will also realize they have received great service from their current attorney and not be tempted to leave.

The mistake people make is they take their regular customers for granted because they assume they are loyal customers and when competition appears, they are completely unprepared when these regular customers suddenly leave them. The reason is simply because they assume the regular customers are always loyal customers.

A regular customer can be valuable but a loyal customer is invaluable. Don’t take your regular customers for granted, treat them in a special way and you will start to convert the regulars to loyals

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