Make it difficult to contact you

Some web sites (and businesses) make it as difficult as possible for people to contact them. They don’t have a “Contact Us” page, they don’t provide an email address or phone number.

I don’t put a phone number on my sites but have links to contact me via a form on every page plus my email address and address are on every email post. The reason I don’t give a phone number is I am available via email most of the time and can respond to questions or concerns much quicker via email than by phone plus I can do it in a format I am more comfortable.

When I shop online, unless it’s a well known site (such as, or I never buy from a site until I have contacted them via email or phone and received a timely response. If you make it difficult for someone to contact you or, you have a way to contact you but don’t respond to emails in a timely manner or don’t return phone calls, I along with many others, wont be doing business with you.

So continue to make it difficult to contact you, the good news is you wont have all of those pesky customers buying from you

Have a great day!


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