I Don’t Know

When I ask someone a question and they respond by saying “I don’t know” rather than losing respect for them for not knowing the answer, I gain respect for them for being honest enough to admit they don’t know everything.

How many times have you heard someone asked a question and even though you knew they didn’t know the correct answer, they proceeded to give an answer because they were afraid to look “dumb” for not being able to answer the question?

How many times have you been around a “know it all” who will answer any question, regardless of the topic, as if they are the true expert on the subject?

People need to understand it’s better to admit to not knowing something than to pretend to know and be wrong.

One step better than “I don’t know” is “I don’t know but will find out”.

Why don’t more people admit they don’t know it all?

I don’t know

Have a great day!


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