If you are involved with a non profit organization and are doing some fund raising for them, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Just because a cause is extremely important to you doesn’t mean it’s extremely important to others. Don’t assume everyone will be as passionate about your cause as you are.

Many people plan their charitable donations a year or two ahead of time. You can’t expect people to work on your time schedule when it comes to donations.

If you think someone would be a good “target” for your fund raising, it’s important to understand that others probably are thinking the same way. Your “prime targets” are being approached by many other people as well so while you might think they would have a lot to give, they also have a lot of people asking for things

If you can find a “tie in” it will really help with your efforts. This could be anything from knowing the CEO’s mother has breast cancer (if you are raising funds that would go toward research to combat breast cancer) to knowing the child of the marketing director plays baseball (if you are raising money for little league baseball).

If there is something you could ask for that doesn’t cost as much money to the organization but provides value to your cause, it could be a win/win. An example would be instead of asking a hotel for a cash donation, asking them for the use of a banquet room to do a fund raiser This might cost them less money, they might get some room rentals and also get a write off. Another example would be asking a company for something that could be auctioned off. The value of the item to be auctioned might be $500 but the cost to the company might be only $250. This way, the non profit gets something valued at $500 and it only costs the company $250

Especially in difficult economic times like now, be creative in your fund raising and you might be able to receive greater value and create true win/win situations for all

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