Do you know you?

Do you know the person people think you to be?

Do you think of yourself as a bright, insightful person yet others consider you to be a “know it all” who is so full of yourself you aren’t worth talking to?

Do you think of yourself as someone who is on the rise in your organization but your boss thinks you are at the highest level you can attain?

Do you think of yourself as a sharp dresser but others think of otherwise?

Do you think of yourself as a hard worker who will work all night to meet a deadline yet others think of you as a procrastinator who should have been done much earlier?

When you look in the mirror, do you see the same thing that others see when they look at you?

It’s important to know how others think of you. If their view of you is different than your view of you, it doesn’t mean you need to completely change, but it would be something that could encourage you to change for the better

Have a great day!


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