Check the stats

Most people are familiar with the saying “statistics don’t lie, statisticians do” yet are so willing to accept statistics as the final answer.

The thing to remember is the same statistics can be interpreted many different ways. For example, looking at a web sites statistics, one person might see 1000 visitors to a web site who have looked at 10.000 pages as being much better than one with 1000 visitors and only 2000 page views because it means people are visiting more pages of the website so they must like the site. Another person might look at these same statistics and interpret the visitors who are visiting 10,000 pages as not being able to find what they are looking for as opposed to the visitors to the site with only 2000 page views as finding what they are looking for quicker.

A soccer keeper who makes a lot of saves per game might be thought of by some as doing a really good job based on their save/game percentage. Another coach might interpret this same statistic as meaning the keeper isn’t doing a good job preventing shots so therefore might see the same number in a negative way.

A prosecuting attorney with a whole conviction rate might be seen as some as doing a great job while others might see the same conviction rate and wonder whether this person is only taking the cases they know they can win and letting someone else deal with the others.

A realtor might be able to sell houses in a shorter period of time than other realtor’s but this might indicate they are encourage the sellers to under price their houses.

Statistics can be extremely valuable but realize there are many different ways to interpret statistics and don’t always assume the way they are being presented to you is the only or even the best use of those statistics

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